Delivery and payment methods


Post package or envelope

The postal package will be delivered to your nearest post office. The delivery time for the products ordered by mail is approximately 2-7 business days in Finland. International post can take up to 3 weeks, depending on your home country's post services. You will receive a notification of arrival from the mail when your package is available to pick up.

The Finnish post office will keep your package at the post 7 days. For international post, please ask your local post office how long are they willing to keep the package.

Alternatively, if your order is small and can fit in an envelope, we will send your order directly to your mailbox by using post services.

  • Orders over 80 € without shipping fee to Finland
  • Shipping costs are always added to international orders


Happy Dog Life Oy uses the Checkout Finland payment system, which allows you to shop online easily, flexibly and safely. With Checkout, you can use our online bank to shop online, choose Op or Invoice or Collector Invoice.

OP Invoice

OP Purchase Invoice Financing is a commodity-based one-off loan that allows consumers to pay online purchases in batches.

Funding is granted by OP Corporate Bank plc, which checks the consumer's credit information before granting funding
OP Buy invoice is intended individuals

  • over 20 years of age (only in Finland)
  • The consumer will receive a payment period of 30 days for the first installment
  • Purchase can be EUR 50-5000
  • The consumer can choose to pay off the entire debt at once
  • Purchase Invoice Financing Rate is fixed at 14.95%, and the method of payment is charged to the consumer from the invoice fee of EUR 2
  • More information:

Collector Invoice and Contribution

Collector Bank AB, Business ID 556597-0513, offers the opportunity for consumers aged 20 or over to buy by invoice/installment and for companies to buy in Finland. Collector Consumer Billing and Contribution (B2C)Individuals over 20 years of age (only in Finland)

  • One-time purchase up to € 5000
  • Automatically invoice for interest-free payment until the end of the following month
  • Billing add-on to buyer € 2.95
  • The buyer may convert the invoice into a installment payment, with a maximum payout time of 36 months
  • More information:
Credit card

It's also possible for you to pay with your credit card. Our credit card system works through the international Stripe system.

Read more about Strip: