Happy Dog harness

1. Is the harness somewhere too big, but in the other place too small?

- The Happy Dog harness is designed in three different parts: chest, back, and girth. For example, your dog may have a chest XS, a back M, and a girth XL. The removable parts allow even the most challenging body model to have the right size harness. The harness is available in three different models in addition to various sizes: Mini harnesses for miniature dogs, MiniMaxi harnesses for small dogs and Midi harnesses for larger dogs.

2. Is your dog going away from you when you try to slip your dog's head through the harness? Or in the worst case, running away from you when he sees the harness?

- For many dogs, putting the loop of the harness over the head is unpleasant and even frightening and scary. Our harness is designed so that you don't have to slip your dog's head through the harness.

3. Does your dog feel uncomfortable when you're lifting his paws to slip paws through the harness?
- With older dogs or dogs with physical symptoms (like arthritis), lifting the paw several times a day just because he has to get the harness on, can cause pain and make the joints more painful. Because of this, the dog can connect the harness for something that causes him pain, and he starts to be afraid of the harness.


- No putting the harness over the head

- No paw lifting

- Customized from three separate pieces to suit your dog

-The chest piece is Y-shape, so when the dog pulls, the harness distributes pressure evenly across the chest, preventing damages to the dog's vertebrae and neck area

- The back piece is made so that the metal lock of the leash does not touch the dog's back (especially in cold weather some dogs feel uncomfortable when the cold metal lock is touching their back, and therefore they start walking sideways)

- The harness has reflective strips

- Available in sizes from mini to big dogs

- Available colors: black, blue and red

- Can be washed in the washing machine 30°C

Happy Dog Collars

If you are using for your dog a collar, it would be a recommendation that the collar should be as wide as possible. The collar should be at least the width of the dog's two neck vertebra. Why? To make the pressure come to a wider area when the pulling takes place and does not damage the dog's neck and throat just as easily. The area of the dog's neck and throat is not stronger than humans.

Think about this: Would you like a thin 1cm collar or an 8cm wide collar around your neck? How would you feel when you would be pulled on your neck?

How wide should the collar be for your dog? It depends on the size of your dog. The bigger the dog, the wider the collar should be. The collar should be so wide that it would cover at least two neck vertebra. A Dobermann should have a collar around 8cm wide, Nova Scotian Retriever about 6cm, and a Border terrier about 4cm.

On our client's request, we also have wide collars available for dogs. We have two different models where you can choose:

- Collars with clippers, so you don't have to slip your dog's head through the collar. Or then we have collars that you can slip over your dog's head. Our collars are available with 4 different sizes: 4cm, 5.5cm, 6.5cm or 8cm wide.


With clippers and slip over the head

- Width: 4cm, 5,5cm, 6,5cm and 8cm

- Available colors: black, blue and red

- Can be washed in the washing machine 30°C

- Sizes: 22cm - 70cm

- The collars have reflective strips

Happy Dog  flexible pieces for the leash

The flexible piece is a piece intended to be put between the leash and the harness/collar. The purpose of this piece is to soften the pull when the dog is pulling. Both for the dog's body and the owner's hand. Especially with a young and energetic dog there can be a lot of pulling and leash tightening because of the dog's excitement (and also high-stress levels!). If this happens, constant pulling can cause a dog to have muscle pains and in the worst-case vertebra damages.

Flexibles pieces are available in 4 different sizes: S, M, L, and XL.

The colors are black, red, and blue.

                HAPPY DOG                FLEXIBLE PIECES

- Sizes: S, M, L, XL

- Available colors: black, blue and red

- Can be washed in the washing machine 30°C

Happy Dog  leash

To make the dog feel as comfortable as possible while walking outside, our dog needs space to move. A too short leash will easily cause stress and make the leash get more easily tight.

Our leashes are available in 3 different lengths: 2.2m, 3m, and 5m. You can choose either 1cm or 2cm wide leash.

We also have a small black bag on our leashes, where you can put your dogs empty poo-bags.  So no need to have them in your pocket anymore! 😊

The soft leash handle is available in black, blue, or red.


- Lengths: 2,2m, 3m, and 5m

- Leash width : 1cm, 2cm

- Available colors: black, blue and red

- Can be washed in the washing machine 30°C

Treat bag 

Our selection also includes a treat bag that makes it easy for you to reward your dog.

There are two pockets on the front of the bag, where you can put treats. The back of the bag has a pocket that can be closed so that you can put it there, for example, your home keys, etc.


- Two front pockets

- One back pocket behind

- Color: black

- Can be washed in the washing machine 30°C