Company and company values

Happy Dog Life Oy is a small company whose goal is to manufacture and sell dog-friendly products. The key idea is that our products are made so that we think dogs well being first. We do not sell or produce products that cause the dog pain, stress, or otherwise be against our values.

In addition to dog-friendliness, we are also close to our hearts with nature and environmental friendliness. We try to influence this on our own, for example, by avoiding the use of plastic in our packaging. When you order our products, you will find that we have not packed each of our products separately into the plastic. In fact, if possible, we try to ensure that our products are not packed at all. So you usually get the product as it is, unpackaged, either in an envelope or in a package.

Although our company focuses on dogs and dog products, we also like and appreciate other animals. Our harnesses have also been used for example cats and rabbits :)

Our products have been manufactured for many years as handwork in a small company located in Tallinn, Estonia.


Helena Demetriou

Business owner

In the picture, one of our own Happy Dog Life mascots, Diva and me 😊

We wish you and your dogs lovey year 2020 😊