for your dog

Our goal

is to manufacture dog-friendly products that are designed with thinking the best of the dog.

The main idea of the products is that they are comfortable for the dog and feel good on them.

We never produce or sell products that cause the dog pain and because of this cause stress and fear.

Are harness better than a collar? Why?

         An issue that seems to cause a lot of conversation and different opinions.

                             We strongly recommend harness. Why?

1. Dog pain and physical well-being

- We had somehow got a funny idea on our head that the dog's neck would be extremely strong, and the dog would not feel pain when the leash get's tightened. The dog's neck is not any stronger than humans.

- When a person pulls a dog on a lead or the dog itself example sees a rabbit and starts to run, there could be a big damage to the muscles and the dog's neck. In the worst case, because of pulling, there could be changes in the dog's neck vertebrae area, which can lead to sputum infusion and nerve pain.

- There is a thyroid gland on the dog's throat that can also be damaged by pulling.

2. Dog stress and fear

- When pull to the neck comes, the dog feels pain.  As an animal, the dog will relate the pain to the environment and the thing that he is looking at the moment.  So if the dog is looking at the other dog while the pulling on the leash happens, the dog will relate pain and an uncomfortable feeling with the other dog. In this way, the dog may start to fear other dogs and that fear may be shown for example as growling and barking to other dogs.

- When this happens, it's clear that walks together with your dog come stressful and unpleasant for both of you.

- By using a well-fitting Y-shaped harness, we can prevent the physical injuries of the dog, and thereby reduce stress and fear.